17 tricks and features to get the most out of the app to adapt your mobile to driving

17 tricks and features to get the most out of the app to adapt your mobile to driving

We bring you a compilation of 15 tricks and features to get the most out of Android Autothe Google app that makes your phone display an interface adapted to driving. It is an app that comes pre-installed in some cars, but above all one that you can install on any Android phone so that it only shows the essential elements such as calls, navigation or music playback. This is the one we are going to discuss.

On this occasion we are going to show you both the most essential functions so that you can learn how to use it as well as other slightly more advanced tricks. It’s not that it’s a very complicated service or one with many tricks and surprises, but with this article you’ll learn all its functions and nooks and crannies so that you know how to get the most out of it.

Make it start automatically in your car

Bluetooth Bluetooth

Android Auto is an application adapted to work in the car, but if every time you want to use it you have to search for it and open it, it can be a bit cumbersome to use. Fortunately, there is an automation with which you can make it work. The app opens automatically when you get into your car and connect to its Bluetooth.

  • In the app, open the side menu
  • Click on Settings
  • Now, click on Car settings
  • On the screen you enter, click on Activate automatically.
  • You can activate two different options, activate it when the device connects to the car via Bluetooth or when it detects that you are driving with movement and Bluetooth.
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Decide whether or not to activate Do Not Disturb mode

Behavior Behavior

And what happens when the device is connected to the car? Well, generally, when you open Android Auto, the mode will also be activated. Do not bother. But There is also an option that uses the Google Assistant so that it tells you the notifications you receive and you stay connected to the inner world.

  • In the app, open the side menu.
  • Click on Settings.
  • Now, click on Car settings.
  • Click on Behavior.
  • Choose between Open Android Auto to use the car or activate the mode Do not bother.

Organize your applications

Apps Apps

Android Auto also lets you select which apps you want to appear in the car’s display menu, and also You will be able to organize them in the order you want. to ensure you always have the ones you need or are most convenient for on hand.

  • In the app, open the side menu.
  • Click on Settings.
  • Now, click on Customize application menu.
  • Choose between alphabetical or custom order.
  • Below, you can order the apps you want to appear and their order.

Don’t let messages distract you

Remove News Remove News

And if you want to go a step further to avoid discomfort, you can also do it directly Do not display notifications with messagesAndroid displays them by default, but you can make it so that the content of the message is not visible so that you don’t have to read it or so that you don’t receive the notification at all.

  • In the app, open the side menu
  • Click on Settings
  • Now, disable the option View received messages from the section Notifications.
  • If you want, you can also disable various types of notifications.

Shows notifications, but no sound

In the same section of Notifications where you can disable various types of notifications there is one last option that is worth stopping to consider. It is the Notifications without soundwhich means that even though notifications are being viewed, do not make sounds to avoid distractionsOf course, then you will have to decide whether you want to see them or not.

Easily answer any call

Recent Recent

Android Auto It will automatically activate the hands-free function on your phone when someone calls you.so that by simply pressing the answer button you can start talking without having to pick up your phone and bring it closer to you. A useful function for contexts in which you are driving.

In addition, the last call you received or made remains on the main screen, and by just clicking on it you will call again to that number. Perfect for when a call drops and you don’t want to have to look up the number again.

Organize your contacts in advance

Contacts Contacts

When you tap the Android Auto call button, both recent calls and your favorite contacts will be displayed. If you want to call other numbers, you will have to tap the button on the phone keypad and type them in. Therefore, It is advisable to update these contacts beforehand so you always have it at hand when you need to make a call.

To do this you just have to go to the Android contacts application and Click on the star icon that will appear in them. They will be selected as favorites, appearing preferably when you are going to make calls with your mobile phone, both in normal mode and with Android Auto.

Open Spotify from Android Auto

Spotify Spotify

There’s no point in having the custom Android Auto interface if you have to go looking for your go-to app to listen to music while driving. Fortunately, this is something you can do from the app itself, which allows you to launch music apps that you have installed from your main screen.

  • On the main screen, press the headset button
  • You will see a list of music or podcast apps that you have installed.
  • Click on the one you want to open
  • For example, if you tap on Spotify, it will open and then when you exit it, it will stay in the background with the controls in Android Auto.

Launch Google Maps from Android Auto

Maps Maps

If you want to start a trip in Google Maps or another mapping app, you don’t have to leave Android Auto and open it. If they are compatible you can run them from Android Autoand it will be as easy as pressing a button.

  • On the main screen, press the button with the traffic direction icon with an arrow
  • A menu will appear where you can open Google Maps or another compatible app
  • When you open it, start setting up the tour you want.

Check the price of the nearest gas stations

Gasoline Gasoline

One of the compatible applications that you can use in addition to Google Maps is Waze, and that allows you to use functions such as looking the list of nearby gas stations and their pricesso that you know where you can refuel in real time and the cost of gasoline or diesel in each one.

  • On the main screen, press the button with the traffic direction icon with an arrow
  • A menu will appear where you can open Waze
  • Once in Waze, click on the side menu and enter the section Gas stations
  • Now, just browse the list of gas stations by clicking on the one you want to find out about.

Google Assistant is omnipresent

Assistant Assistant

You can also use the Google Assistant whenever you want on Android Auto. You can do this by clicking on the microphone button to activate it, and if you go to the settings you can look at the option settings Detecting “Ok Google” to adapt Assistant to your needs. With it you can add appointments to your calendar, ask it to plan a route for you or do anything else you want.

Keep your mobile screen always active… or not

Active Screen Active Screen

By default, Android Auto is set to always keep your phone’s screen on when you have it running. But if for some reason you don’t want it to do this, this is a setting you can change as well.

  • In the app, open the side menu
  • Click on Settings
  • Now, disable the option of Screen on
  • Choose between Always on, During charging either Device Defaults.
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Find all compatible apps

Store Store

A little further up we have mentioned tricks related to a couple of applications that are adapted to Android Auto, and that allow you to improve its features and the repertoire of options it offers you. But they are not the only ones, and the app offers you a shortcut to other compatible apps that you can download to use. These are messaging, music, and map apps, as well as other informational apps.

  • In the app, open the side menu
  • Click on Android Auto Apps
  • You will enter a special section of Google Play where you can download adapted apps

Take advantage of Google Calendar appointments

Calendar Calendar

There are other applications that, even if they are not designed or adapted for this tool, can also be used. Google Calendar is one of them, and all you have to do is Make sure to add the address of the appointments in the app. Then, after setting the reminder, Android can open it on the map and guide you to the right location with Android Auto.

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Manage your connected cars

Cars Cars

In Android Auto settings, you have a section called Connected cars. Here you will have a list of all compatible cars to which you have connected Android Autoand you can unlink the ones you want. You can also decide whether you want the car history to be added to the list or not, and if there has been a linking error for any of them, you can see it in the rejected cars section.

Developer mode

Developers Developers

Android Auto is a basic and simple application, so this compilation of tricks may have been too short for you. But don’t worry, there is more, You can activate some developer options to get more out of it.

  • In the app, open the side menu
  • Click on Settings
  • In this menu, tap ten times on the app version, at the bottom.
  • It will ask you if you want to activate developer mode
  • After activating the mode, click on the three-dot button at the top right to see the developer options
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Leave night mode always on

Day Day

As you can see, there really aren’t many options for the end user either. However, There is an option that may interest you if you are a lover of dark mode in all apps, and it is to be able to activate night mode permanently. You can always leave day mode on, night mode on, or leave the default option for the app to manage it.

  • Activate developer mode as we told you above
  • After activating the mode, click on the three-dot button at the top right to see the developer options
  • Within them, click on Daytime/Nighttime
  • Now you can choose the option Evening so that it remains permanently activated with its dark mode

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