Best development environments, IDE, for programming in any language

Best development environments, IDE, for programming in any language

As I mentioned above, before downloading the first integrated programming environment you come across, you should be absolutely sure that it is ideal for the programming language you want to use it with. Not all IDEs are ideal for all programming languages, and not all programming languages ​​are ideal for all IDEs.

Visual Studio

One of the best-known applications both inside and outside the world of application programming is Visual Studio, an application that has traditionally always been paid for, until, after Microsoft bought GitHub, it launched Visual Studio Community, a free version fully functional of this application.

Visual Studio lets you create applications for any platform, both desktop and mobile, create web user interfaces in C#, edit ASP.NET pages, and much more. It also lets you compile, debug, and test .NET and C++ applications in Linux environments.

Visual Studio

One of the most interesting functions that Visual Studio offers us is that it makes use of the artificial intelligence to complete lines of code in real time, which will allow us to reduce the development time of applications, since it is not based on predictions, but rather learns as we go what we are doing and where we want to take it, allowing us to program more safely and accurately.

All changes we make to the application code are stored in a change log, along with the person who made them if we are working collaboratively on a project. It also allows us to analyze the functioning of a code in real time, ideal for checking its operation without waiting for it to be compiled.

Visual Studio is available for free download through its website, which can be accessed from this link.

Pros and cons

Visual Studio is a classic in the world of programming and the fact that it is completely free makes it one of the best options on the market. The amount of resources available is practically endless, which is another of the main reasons to recommend this application over others. Visual Studio is not the best application for object-oriented programming and the learning curve is somewhat high, although this is practically the norm in most programming applications. In this case, thanks to the large amount of documentation, this task is easier than with other applications.

Apache NetBeans

If our needs involve programming applications in Java, HTML 5, C/C++, CSS, Javascript and PHP Among others, one of the best and most veteran IDEs that we have at our disposal for using the NetBeans application, an application

Apache NeatBeans includes a text editor that analyzes code both syntactically and semantically, allowing you to avoid basic programming errors that can waste hours. It is multiplatform, with applications available for all Java-compatible operating systems such as Windows, Mac, Linux, OSX and BSD.

Apache Netbeans

Through its website we have at our disposal a large number of both basic and advanced tutorialswhich will help us to resolve any doubts we may have when we get stuck with a function. In addition, it includes a mailing list server where they periodically send information about new functions, tutorials, etc.

Apache NetBeans is completely free to download and use. You can download the latest version of Apache NetBeans from its website.

Advantages and disadvantages

Like Visual Studio, Apache NetBeans has a large user community, making it another interesting option for beginners in this field or if we are looking for an alternative to the one we usually use. Another of the highlights of this application is that it is multiplatform, which allows us to use it on practically any operating system without support problems. The main and, we could say, the most negative point of this application is that it does not offer support for webapps, so, if our objective is related to this type of applications, we can already rule it out.


If we are looking for an application of open source and cross platform For programming, an interesting option to consider is Eclipse, a well-known application in the application development community.

Eclipse is ideal for creating desktop applications and webapps in programming in C, C++, Objective-C, PHP, Perl, Java, GNU Pascal, Free Pascal and Java among others. Furthermore, as it is an open source application and one of the most widely used, we will not have any problems using the application, thanks to the large community behind it.


We can download the Eclipse IDE from its website through the following link. Through this link, we can also download a large number of additional tools to get the most out of Eclipse.

We like and we don’t like

Eclipse is one of the interesting options available that has a wide support community thanks to the fact that it is an open source application and completely free. The number of resources required by the application is quite high, so it is not a good option for computers with just the right features.

CodeLite IDE

If we are looking for an IDE with support for C, C++, PHP and Javascript among others, and that is also open source, multiplatform and completely free, the application we need in CodeLite IDE. Code Lite IDE uses wxWidgets for the user interface using the MinGW and GDB tools, also open source, to compile and debug the code.


CodeLite is available for Windows from version 7, Ubuntu, Debian, Fedora, OpenSUSE, macOS and FreeBSD. You can download any of these versions directly from their website by clicking on the following link.

Advantages and disadvantages

CodeLite has managed to make a name for itself in the market thanks to the fact that it is an open source and free application. In addition, it is available for Windows, macOS, Linux, which will allow us to program on any computer regardless of its operating system. This application is not the best if we want to get started in the world of programming, if we do not have a base that allows us to know all the elements and functions that the application puts at our disposal.


JetBrains is a set of IDEs oriented to meet the different needs of companies and individuals. With the different IDEs that JetBrain puts at our disposal we can program in PHP thanks to PhpStorm, in C and C++ environments with CLion, in Javascript, SQL, HTML with IntelliJ IDEA, create and manage databases with MySQL, Oracle, SQL, DB2, MariaDB, without forgetting Ruby, .NET, Electron and others.

As we can see, regardless of the programming language we want to use, at JetBrains we will find the best IDE for each of the languages. Each of these specific IDEs for each programming language has a different price, and all, absolutely all of them are available under an annual subscription, which is reduced in price if we opt for a 2 or 3-year subscription at the time of contracting them.


You can access all the IDEs that Jetbrain makes available to us and check the respective prices for each one by clicking on the following link to their website. All applications are available for both Windows and macOS.

Positive points and negative aspects

If we are not sure which programming language we are going to use, the solution offered by Jetbrain is one of the best, as it offers support for the most common ones, making it ideal for working with different environments in the same application without having to constantly change. It is not a free application, and it is not available through a one-time payment, but rather a subscription is required to use the different IDEs that it makes available to us.


An interesting, completely free option that is not as complete as those offered by other platforms, but is equally functional for most programming languages, can be found in the BlueFish IDE, an IDE compatible with Windows, Linux, macOS, FreeBSD, OpenBSD and Solaris.


It is ideal for working on different projects together and allows us to program in HTML, PHP, Javascript, JSP, SQL, XML, Python, Perl, CSS, ColdFusionPascal among others. It analyzes the syntax to highlight coding errors, and is available in Spanish among other languages. You can download BlueFish through the following link on its website.

We like it and what should be improved

BlueFish is a completely free and open source application for creating applications. Through its website, we have at our disposal a large amount of documentation to resolve any doubts we may have about its operation. The main negative point of this application is that it lacks some basic functions.


Another interesting option to consider if we are looking for an IDE that allows us to program in different languages, is Atom, an open source and completely free editor that is available for Windows, Linux and macOS. With this complete IDE, we can program in C, C++, Cobol, CSS, HTML, Java, Javascript, JSON, Objective-C, Perl, PHP, RubySQL among many others.


To work with these programming languageswe must install the corresponding plugins from their website, where we can also download the application for the 3 operating systems on which it is available. You can also take a look at their GitHub page.

Aspects to highlight and improve

Application compatible with a large number of programming languages, being one of the best options currently on the market if we are looking for a free solution. It is compatible with most of the most used programming languages ​​today, so if we work with them, we can bring them all together in a single interface. The main negative point of this application is that it only offers simple functions, so if we are looking for something more, this one will fall short right away.

Qt Creator

Qt Creator, developed by mobile phone manufacturer Nokia, is a complete IDE designed to create graphical interfaces and multiplatform available for Windows, Linux and macOS. It offers support for programming in C++, .NET, Python, Pascal, Perl, PHP and Ruby among others.

Qt Creator

As a good IDE, the editor includes support for code completion, syntax highlighting, and support for code refactoring. Qt Creator is only available in a paid subscription version. The annual plan to use this application is priced at $3,950.

Pros and cons

It offers support for the main programming languages, making it an ideal application for any language you want to learn or if you work with different languages ​​and want to use a single application for everything. The only negative point of this application is that it is only available under subscription, so you will always have the latest version available with all the new features included, as long as paying every month is not a problem.

Which is the best option?

The application more complete and versatile For programming, we can use Visual Studio, an IDE that is also free and includes a large support community, which will allow us to resolve any questions or problems quickly through the large number of help forums available on the Internet and even from the Microsoft website itself.

The worst option is found in Qt Creator. This application, which can only be used with a subscription and costs around $4,000 for one year, is quite complete but is not suitable for all those people who do not want or cannot pay to use a professional IDE.

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