Get fit with your mobile (2023)

Get fit with your mobile (2023)

These pocket-sized home and gym workout tools will help you stay in good shape. Get fit and have fun!

Top 8 gym apps: get fit with your mobile
Top 8 gym apps: get fit with your mobile

Would you like to have a fitness body? Sure you do! These are the Top 8 Gym Apps that will help you achieve and maintain good physical condition.

Keep fit or improve your fitness requires effort and dedication to achieve the best results. To do this, there are multiple mobile apps that will help you Create a routine and measure your results at the gym indeed.

On this occasion, we will talk about some tools that have gained a lot of prominence in recent years: home training and gym applications.

That’s why today we present to you 8 apps for the gym super complete that will help you get in shape with your mobile and, of course, sweat a littleIf you want to know them, join us to discover them.

8 apps to exercise at the gym from your mobile

There is a wide variety of options and applications within the Google Play Storeeach with advantages and disadvantages. Still, we have selected 8 copies that we consider to be the most complete in their sector.

  • Jefit
  • Total Fitness
  • Gym Trainer
  • Gym Fitness & Workout
  • Virtuagym Fitness
  • Best Fit Pro
  • Fitness and bodybuilding
  • ProFit


Jefit It is one of the The most complete apps you’ll find for the gymso much for create training routines as for exercise at home. In any case, it provides you with a series of exercises to keep fit, progress and get the most out of every workout. You can use it from your mobile or from the web or desktop version.

It is designed for both beginners and advanced users. more advanced levels. Allows you to track, create and edit exercise routineswatch tutorials with more than 1,300 demonstrationsdifferent programs adapted to each objective, monthly challenges and much more.

Google Play | Jefit

Total Fitness

With Total Fitnessyou will get a Complete training guide more than 100 different exercises with detailed explanatory videos of each one. It offers different guided routinesso much for create a gym workout plan or to do it from your home.

Complete various challenges to motivate yourself in training, receive nutrition tipskeep track of your progress through detailed graphs, use the Integrated calculator to find out your BMI (body mass index) and much more… Without forgetting that it is totally free.

Google Play | Total Fitness

Gym Trainer

Gym Trainer

GYM Trainer fit and bodybuilding with exercise guide

If you are interested in the world of bodybuilding, Gym Trainer It is one of the best free apps you will find for the gym. It offers you a Complete exercise guideroutines for each goal, meal plans, healthy recipes and many more options for your workouts.

In addition, it gives you a Detailed guide with supplement recommendationscalorie calculator, HIIT stopwatch and to rest between your routines among much more. It is worth giving it a chance, because it is full of valuable information that will be very useful for your daily training regimen.

Google Play | Gym Trainer

Gym Fitness & Workout

We know that a personal trainer It can be a hard hit to your pocket, however, with Gym Fitness & Workoutyou can have one totally free and where you are. Although it is not the same, at least you will have the advice with more than 300 exercises and varied routines to train at the gym or at home.

Plan your weekly workoutscreate personalized routines according to your goals, complete different challenges as proof of your evolution, receive diets and nutritional plans for healthy eating and much more within a single application. Although its free version is very complete, it has a Pro version that gives you access to more content, in case you want to get the most out of it.

Google Play | Gym Fitness & Workout

Virtuagym Fitness

Virtuagym Fitness

Virtuagym Fitness is one of the best apps for training at home and in the gym

Similar to the previous application, Virtualgym Fitness It gives you the opportunity to have a 3D personal trainer that will guide you through your workouts in detail. With more than 4,000 different exercisesyou can do the routine you need in the gym or at home to meet your fitness goals.

Get workout reminderskeep track of your progress, access 3D videos of each exercise in detail, receive written instructions for each workout and more. Plus, with integration into the Virtualgym Food appyou will additionally have a Calories countercarbohydrates and fats. One of the most complete and fun alternatives to use.

Google Play | Virtuagym Fitness

Best Fit Pro

Best Fit Pro

BestFit Pro: The best routines to get your body in shape at the gym

With Best Fit Proyou decide how to train by choosing your goal, training frequencyduration, method you want to usedivision and more. This app works like a personal trainer that will guide you through your process and assign you the suitable exercises to work different parts of the body.

Gain muscle mass, burn caloriesincrease strength or improve your fitnesswhatever your goal, through the app’s algorithm, you will have the best workouts and tips to help you achieve it. Complete challenges and track your progress, all in one free app.

Google Play | Best Fit Pro

Fitness and bodybuilding

Fitness and bodybuilding one of the applications for the gym

Burn fat and build muscle with the Android Fitness and Bodybuilding app

This is one of the best gym apps available on Google Play. It is very simple but it is still very complete, it offers you more than 150 simple exercises but effective for positive workouts according to each muscle group. It has a detailed guide so that you can correctly perform each exercise in the gym or at home.

Learn how to exercise your bodytrain your abs, do Chest, Shoulders and Back Exercisesroutines to train your legs and more. An application that is worth trying and that you will surely want to use always.

Google Play | Fitness & Bodybuilding


ProFit is an app for exercises at home and at the gym

ProFit is an app for exercises at home and at the gym

Finally, ProFit is a paid app ($4.99/month) that will help you take your home workouts to the next level, although it also has a free version but you will have to register your card details.

It’s about a very complete virtual gym where you will have your own personal trainer. You can Create weight loss routines at home and get the better results in the gym.

ProFit analyze your performance and your progress to offer you a training program tailored to your goals with a detailed description and a Visual guide with images and videos to carry them out. Create personalized trainingsave your record and more. If you really want Make the most of your training at home and in the gymyou must have this app.

Google Play | ProFit

Now that you have all these gym appsit is possible to obtain the best results in your daily training exerciseschoose the one that best suits your plan and achieve the best version of yourself.

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