Is Temu reliable? Reviews of the shopping app in Spain

Is Temu reliable? Reviews of the shopping app in Spain

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One of the things that can create the most concern is that they ask for your phone number to complete the delivery, since it is a mandatory piece of information, although the couriers do not even contact you with it. When you complete all your address and payment details, They will send you the purchased products. Please check that everything is correct before processing the purchase. You can pay by card, PayPal, Google Pay or Kiarna. They assure that all data will be encrypted.

While Temu’s prices are cheap, many new customers aren’t actually paying anything at all. That’s because Temu has launched a social media campaign where the more users you convince to sign up, the more credits you earn.

In addition to these cheap prices, there is the possibility of occasional offers, so you can get some products for less than a euro. This is something that, especially when you are young, you will undoubtedly appreciate. And the best thing is that you can apply as many discounts as you want, since in most cases they are cumulative.

So far, so good. But is this really true and are you going to send me what I asked for?

Is it trustworthy?

There are many people who claim that The product arrives, it is very well priced and everything is perfect.However, there are offers that are not available, that can change in price when you have registered or products that are cheaper on other sites such as AliExpress. There are even very tempting products that are not in stock, and if you ask to be notified when they arrive they can be more expensive. Although they do have offers that can be really interesting if you know how to search. In the online shopping section, if you register, look at offers and are interested in a product, it can be an interesting option.

The company is also starting to develop a reputation for undelivered packages, mysterious charges, incorrect orders, and unresponsive customer service no matter how hard you try to get in touch with them.


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However, there are other people who claim that it is a scam because They promise false prizes that they never deliveror that in order to win a prize you have to give your contacts’ information so that they register without you actually winning anything for it. This can cause the app’s downloads to initially inflate due to the desire of some people to obtain a free product or prize by motivating their friends to register. Someone may have received a gift, but it is extremely difficult, or almost impossible.

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If we look at Trustpilot, the reliability of the application is conspicuous by its absence. There are people who complain about refunds, that they don’t give invoices to companies, problems with deliveries, that there is no contact address and you have to wait a long time in the chat, and many complaints about games in which it seems that no one has ever won anything.

Change the delivery company or you will lose customers, I will be the first one. I will cancel my subscription tomorrow if I do not receive my package today, the last day of expected delivery. All the criticisms of the delivery company are negative and mine too. I fear that time and money have been wasted. I needed a replacement part that I ordered from Amazon and in less than 24 hours it was at home. What a difference!

There are also many people who claim that their order has arrived safely, while others just want to give away their code to get free prizes. The reliability of the site is questionable, and sometimes it is not easy to distinguish true opinions from false ones.

The company is very formal, in terms of communications and shipping times. It is a pity that one of the packages did not arrive in good condition, I do not know if it was the fault of the transport company (it seemed broken and glued back together as best as possible) and/or lack of protection for one of the items. One of the items (wooden shoe rack) was of poor quality in terms of finishes but overall very good. I will continue buying.

We will have to be attentive to the evolution and User reviews of Temuto find out if it is safe, risky to buy here or if it is simply another shopping app that does not end up succeeding in Spain due to its after-sales service.

Like all these sites, it’s a bit scary to buy, but for now, they call you if you’re not at home, they offer to leave it at a collection point, which you can also choose when making the purchase, not like in other apps, and the products for the price they have are unbeatable. If they don’t neglect these details and continue like this, it will be my reference discount site.

To do this, we have prepared a series of cases in which it is worth or not to use TEMU and, above all, everything that this app has in favor or against depending on what you do. If you want to buy products of all kinds at a good price, you may be interested in the Temu store. However, before placing your order, you should know the advantages and disadvantages of this platform. Below, I summarize them for you:

In favor:

  • Free shipping on minimum ordersThis is very convenient if you want to save on shipping costs and don’t mind waiting a few days to receive your purchase.
  • Orders usually arrive. Although there may be delays or incidents, it is normal that you receive what you have purchased without problems.
  • There are good dealsIf you look carefully, you can find products with very interesting discounts, especially in the clearance or flash sale sections.
  • Payment options are trustworthyYou can pay by card or PayPal, which gives you security and guarantee.

It is true that we can find a good number of good options that are the ones we can find to buy in a simple and reliable way through Temu. Although to be honest… we can also find a lot of issues that we could say, play against this app, so obviously, we are going to name them below.


  • It may not seem like the most intuitive app in the world. Sometimes, navigating the app can be confusing or unclear, and you may have trouble finding what you’re looking for or filtering results.
  • You have to search a lot to find good dealsNot all products are reasonably priced, and some may be overpriced or of poor quality. You should compare and read other buyers’ opinions before making a decision.
  • There is less variety than promisedAlthough the store claims to have millions of products, many of them are duplicates or very similar to each other. In addition, there may be categories with low supply or no stock.
  • You have to make a minimum order. To qualify for free shipping, you have to spend a minimum amount, which can vary depending on the product or promotion. This can lead to you buying things you don’t need or not buying what you wanted.
  • Some products may change in price when you register or from the promotion you seeThis is very frustrating, as it can result in you missing out on a great deal or paying more than you expected. You need to be careful and check the final price before confirming your order.
  • Prizes and games are rewarding, difficult or impossible to getThe store has a points and raffle system that aims to build customer loyalty, but in reality it is very difficult to get anything for free or at a big discount. The games are boring or misleading, and the prizes are few or unattractive.
  • Customer service is not goodIf you have a problem with your order, it can be difficult to contact customer service or get it resolved satisfactorily. Responses are often slow, automated, or unhelpful.
  • There are cheap products that are cheaper elsewhere.

At first glance, it looks like a website with cheap products where you have to search for real bargains, as there is little to choose from between the offers that are not available and those that are not cheaper than Miravia or AliExpress. It is okay if you find a product you like and want to risk placing a small order, because it seems that there is no cheating in the orders that are actually processed. They will not be of high quality, but they can be good for the price.

However, it is not yet the best idea today, being more advisable other stores with more experience, such as those mentioned above. One of AliExpress’s strong points is its reviews, due to the large number of users who give their opinion on what they buy in the app, something Temu cannot offer at the moment. In any case, we do not recommend at all that you access any game by giving your friends’ contacts to get prizes that they probably won’t even give you.

Finally, you should keep in mind that most of the sellers we find here, unlike what happens on AliExpress or Miravia, do not have approval or official profiles that can give us reliability, so obviously, this is something that puts many of us off.

We have tried Temu

Curiosity got the better of us and we had to thoroughly test Temu to see if everything they say is true or if it is just gossip from users trying to discredit this app. What has happened in essence is that our worst fears have come true. Indeed, Temu is an app that leaves a lot to be desired.

After browsing the app a bit and seeing all its products, we have noticed that it is a very poorly optimized application, the slowness at which it moves is extreme and causes the user experience is quite awfulAnd it doesn’t stop there with the app, we have made a shipment and analyzed the process they offer you during the shipment.

And yes, it is just as disastrous, since They are too slowmuch more than what AliExpress once offered, so that being quite cheap products, when they reach your hands, you don’t even remember that you had ordered them. The big problem that we see in this sense for Temu is not that it is an app with slow shipments, but rather, it is the contact with the consumer, since You don’t have the option to contact the seller to ask questions about your shipments.

Normally we find that the vast majority of the orders we make come from China, so until they reach Spain they need to go through a good number of intermediaries and customs until it reaches our hands. In this way, it will obviously take much longer for it to reach us. Therefore, this order that you have made will most likely be held up in customs because it is not an accepted material; in this sense, the only thing left for you to do is wait and if it arrives, count yourself lucky.

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