The best GPS apps for your car

The best GPS apps for your car

Google Maps for Android Auto is the famous Google application with which you can enjoy on your car screen one of the most free gps navigators The most popular and powerful apps, with a large number of possibilities and a very complete address and place search engine. Its maps are updated frequently, and it has radar warnings and traffic alerts.

The famous Google app cannot be missing from this list, and you may already have it. If not, you can download it from the App Store.

When it comes to navigation and traffic, we don’t think there’s a better app out there right now. You can control the routes you take and whether you prefer to be taken on one type of road or another to give priority to what you’re looking for at any given time. It’s well worth having.

Waze Navigation and Traffic

If we talk about traffic apps and being able to drive safely on the highway or in the city, this is without a doubt the leading app of all those currently on the scene, so it is perhaps the first one we could look at, taking into account that it is a very interesting tool.

waze app

This is a GPS system that you can use on Android Auto to get around in your car information about your routes in real time, including traffic alerts, accidents, roadworks, police and much more. It can automatically change your route to save time in case of traffic. However, of all the things we can do when driving with Waze, perhaps the most interesting of all the options is the radar alerts that this app contains and that will help you avoid getting fined.

It has a function of report incidents We find it very practical and it is worth trying it. Not only for the options it offers us, but also for the help it can give to other drivers, taking into account the problems that this app may cause.

One of the benefits we find in this regard and which we are grateful to Waze for is that when we talk about traffic jams, there is no app that can beat it. In fact, we find that Google Maps has improved in the way it has improved as a result of this app, especially because it has made them get their act together. In addition, for music lovers it offers integration with the different audio platforms that is sensational.

TomTom NaviGO

tomtom friend

TomTom NaviGO is a TomTom GPS system compatible with Android Auto and with which you can enjoy many possibilities such asradar, traffic, speed limits and many more. If you want maps and services without an Internet connection, you must use the paid version, since the free version requires an Internet connection.

You will be able to enjoy ad-free browsing with a wealth of possibilities for a more comfortable and safe drivingThis is an app that draws directly from those first navigators that came out and were attached directly to the car, the TomTom, which those who are already parents or are already parents will surely remember. Therefore, it is an alternative app that offers great options but obviously lives in the shadow of the previous ones.

MapFactor Navigation

mapfactor navigation

This is a free GPS navigator for Android Auto that makes use of the free maps from OpenStreetMap with the option to purchase TomTom maps. You can use offline maps, guided navigation, speed limits, radar warnings and more. Map and app updates are also free.



Sygic was the first third-party GPS navigator to come to Android Auto, although only for premium app users, This is one of its main drawbacks. You can try it for free for 30 days, if you are interested, but after that you will only have to pay or give it up in your car. It may be worth considering, since it is a very complete browser with a warning radars, traffic, speed, map download, free 3D and much more.

It has voice-guided navigation with precise directions and spoken street names, millions of points of interest and much more. Simply connect your phone to your car’s screen and concentrate on the road. You can control the app using the car’s touchscreen, knobs or buttons.


coyote app

This is another app that you can use to make your car routes with GPS, although the problem it has for Android Auto is that it is only available for paid users. You will enjoy the guided navigation, incidents, radar detector and many other possibilities with this app that, although it is free, is not free if you want to use it in your car.

It helps you find the best routes, optimize your journeys and save time. Plus, you can anticipate dangers. There are many users who are already enjoying its features.

Apps compatible with Android Auto and CarPlay

If you are looking for a good app compatible with Android Auto or CarPlay, Apple’s driving system, with which to enjoy all the navigation possibilities that really interest you, we have made a selection of the GPS navigation apps that work best with both platforms, although many of those mentioned above will also work for you.

Navigation apps for Android Auto

In the case of the Google driving system, in addition to the apps mentioned above, all of them compatible with Android Auto, we can try the following.



HERE WeGo is a free GPS navigation app for Android Auto. Offers offline maps, real-time traffic alerts, weather forecasts and free map updates.

Moreover, the GPS navigation tool also offers additional features such as trip planning, public transport route scheduling and real-time taxi fare information. The app has a user-friendly user interface with voice prompts and a 3D view and is perfect for use from Google’s driving system.



Other Very popular GPS app to connect to the car screenIt also has the same tools as HERE WeGo, such as maps that do not require an Internet connection to work, traffic information, weather forecasts and much more.

The app also includes additional features such as the ability to schedule the best public transportation routes and integrates with other popular apps like OpenTable and GrubHub. MapQuest is perhaps less intuitive than the other apps we’ve recommended, but it’s just as functional.


navmiiFree GPS app designed for Android Auto which supports integration with popular apps such as Foursquare and TripAdvisor. Its user interface is simple and easy to use, including voice prompts and a 2D view.

Like the previous ones, it allows you to know the traffic status of the roads you are going to travel on, weather information and other data that make your route as comfortable as possible.

GPS Apps for CarPlay

As with Google’s driving system, with Apple CarPlay We can also use the applications we have mentioned to install on our phone, but we leave you a couple more options.

Apple Maps

apple maps app

If you don’t want to, you don’t have to download any other GPS application for your car, having the opportunity to use the maps that the Cupertino company gives us by default. Apple Maps works great with CarPlayWhen you open it, you’ll see an overview of your location and you can easily mark new destinations and see all kinds of maps that will suggest places based on where you are or what you’ve talked about in messages and emails recently.

You can use its search function to quickly find gas stations, restaurants, pharmacies and more, controlling the entire app through Siri from the microphone button on your steering wheel.

With the latest updates we’ve had on our iPhone, we can say with total certainty that this app has improved a lot when it comes to getting around and its integration with CarPlay is one of the best we can count on if you have an iPhone. In this case, if you haven’t updated yet, the best thing you can do is go to the store and update your Maps app and the system so that they don’t cause any more problems. is a Free GPS app for Apple Carplay which offers offline maps. Plus, the app offers free map updates, making it a budget-friendly option for drivers who don’t trust their GPS app’s directions much.

The app for Apple’s driving system also offers additional features such as cycling and walking navigation, as well as detailed information on places of interest and tourist attractions.

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