The best rain radar for mobile in an app

The best rain radar for mobile in an app

Continuing to look at the main screen of Rainviewer we come across the main warnings, which may or may not appear, depending on the weather situation. In the chaos that we show you, we see details about storm and rain warnings in Valencia. When we touch on each one of them we see that they give us instructions, recommendations and more details about the probability of them occurring. In addition, we can see in how many hours the warning will pass.

Rain and storm forecast

One of the extras that more and more weather apps are integrating is hourly forecasts, something extremely useful and important to know if we need to take our umbrella or not. In this case, Rainviewer does not stand out for the number of hours it forecasts, but it does stands out for its reliability. It takes information from several satellites and that allows it to hit the mark regardless of where we are. As they themselves explain, they create a complete precipitation map that allows for high precision in the information they give to users.

Rainviwer rain storm forecast

Furthermore, thanks to the reliability management system offered by this app, we can rest assured that we will know if it is going to rain in the next few minutes or if it is simply a remote possibility. And we can assure you that this is an app that is usually very accurate in all the predictions it makes.

A storm radar on your mobile

Among the features that I liked most about Rainviewer is its radar and satellite. Although many other apps offer this useful tool for See in real time how the probability of rain or thunder progressesnot all of them show the evolution in the next few minutes. The free version does not offer us much time margin, although half an hour is already much more than what others can give us. If we want to extend that time up to 48 hours, we have to pay.

Rainviewer rain radar

It has several types of radars, the first of which is the most accurate, while the others combine data by showing us the satellite at the same time. Even if we prefer, we can focus only on one radar, something that will make us lose reliability, but it can be useful to compare information. The fact of having several does not make it intrusive within the app either, so it is fully integrated into it.

Of course, to understand this issue, it is also necessary to understand and comprehend the data that the radar provides us. In this chaos, it is a very simple radar, which the warmer the color of the cloudthe greater the probability and amount of precipitation it contains; in any case, this is a question that you can easily find in the support section of the app.

Options to customize your notifications

Other extras that can be very useful in Rainviewer are its multiple options. In a simple way, it allows us to choose between the type of alerts that come to our phone, so that we are aware of the rain, how far away it starts to rain or even another type of alert about the weather, linked to heat or wind, among other atmospheric phenomena. On more than one occasion, its rain notifications have caught me by surprise and although the sun was out, I had to agree with it, because after a few minutes it started to rain and thunder.

Rainviewer settings

There is also the possibility of adding various locations that interest us, the time during which we do not want any warning to wake us up. We even have an option to Adjust the colors displayed on the radarto adapt it to what we are most used to. We can simply follow the weather in other parts of the world at the touch of a button or activate the alerts, to be informed of the rain, all in real time.

This is how we find an app with rain warnings that is not only easy to use, with precise and useful information, but we can also adapt almost everything we want. This is what we have been looking for for a long time and now we have finally found it. It has a long way to go in its development, so we do not rule out that it will continue to improve over time.

If there is one simple thing that convinces us about everything that this mobile phone offers us, it is that it really gives us the option of using ‘official’ notifications. And by official we mean those notifications that They come directly from AEMET or other similar services that help us identify upcoming notifications.

Therefore, not only will we be looking at an app that will accurately predict everything that has to do with the weather, but it will also be a good warning and alert system for possible disturbances that may occur at an environmental level.

Live Weather: The Most Accurate Radar

Although the previous app is phenomenal, there are other interesting options, among which stands out ‘Time Live’. For many, this is probably the best app we can count on when it is going to rain and when it is not. This is a normal weather app that will give us a large number of meteorological variables that will help us in our daily lives and, of course, we will be able to count on the radar that we are looking for.

When using the radar you must take into account two issues. The first of them, the movement that it makes the color mass that we see on our screen and, on the other hand, the intensity of the color. The movement will indicate where the clouds are moving and will eventually discharge the water that may fall on us. The color, however, will show us the amount of water that the cloud is carrying; the color legend should appear in the lower section of the radar, so that you can correctly identify the amount.

Knowing both of these things, you can see if rain or storms are coming to your area soon and you will understand the exact moment when it might start raining. However, as always in meteorology, it is not 100% accurate.

Ventusky: Weather & Radar

Ventusky is an app that will help you become a weather professional.
It offers you all the weather-related data at satellite level for any point on the planet. Its predictive model is quite reliable, as it interprets how the weather will evolve with a fairly high precision.

The highlight of this app is that it combines the classic weather forecast for a specific location with a map that shows the development of the weather in a very interesting way. This way you can see where the precipitation is coming from or where the wind is blowing. What is special about this app comes from the amount of data displayed. Weather forecast, precipitation, cloudiness, wind, atmospheric pressure, snow and other weather data, even for different altitudes, are available for everyone.

Animation of time

The Ventusky app displays the wind using streamlines that clearly represent its continuous evolution and weather conditions. Airflow is always in motion and streamlines represent this movement in an intuitive way. This makes it possible for you to see the interconnection between all atmospheric phenomena and become your own weather expert.
Apart from all the above, what I consider to be the best thing about this application is its reliability in showing you the real models of what is happening at the atmospheric level.

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