This is the best AI for programming, and without paying a single euro

This is the best AI for programming, and without paying a single euro

Both Bard, Bing Chat and ChatGPT allow us to generate code in different ways. programming languagesHowever, we are not always going to get the best results, especially when it comes to complex tasks. The solution available for programmers is Copilot, an Artificial Intelligence available on GitHub.

Microsoft’s GitHub Copilot analyzes the code we have written to check its operation and offers us real-time suggestions to optimize its operation. In addition, it also allows us to generate code to perform certain functions. This AI has been input through the GitHub repositories public, so it is able to help us in programming tasks in practically any language.

To use this AI for programming, the easiest and fastest way is to use Visual Studio CodeMicrosoft’s open source programming IDE. In this way, Microsoft’s Artificial Intelligence will help us while we code from the program without having to resort to complicated configurations, as happens if we want to carry out Copilot to other tools.

Furthermore, first of all, we must keep in mind that the functions that this AI presents to us to help us in our programming projects are very varied. In addition to detecting errors in the code that we have typed, the Artificial intelligence It also tries to help us optimize it so that the execution of the final program is faster and more effective. This is something that, of course, will be extremely useful both for those users who are entering this software sector, and for those professionals who want to improve their work in this regard.

Use GitHub Copilot for free

Unlike the AIs mentioned above, Copilot is not a tool that we can use for free. The People plan, which any programmer can hire to lighten the workload with this assistant, is priced at $10 per month or $100 per year if we sign up for a full year’s subscription.

GitHub Copilot

The business plan costs twice as much, at $19 per month, and unlike the individual plan, there is no option to sign up for a full year’s subscription and save one or two monthly payments. However, there are ways to access Copilot without having to pay monthly or annually, as long as you meet one of the requirements listed below.

  • Being a student or teacherLike many other platforms, GitHub allows us to access the Copilot assistant completely free of charge as long as we are verified students and/or teachers of one of the centers that are affiliated with the program. Access through this plan has no limitations and we can use the platform for anything we need, an option that we do not have in the free plan. To register and check if our academic center is included in GitHub’s Copilot, we must do so through this website.
  • Maintaining the code of a popular application. Another form of power use Copilot without having to pay, you can become a contributor to a very popular open source project stored on GitHub.
  • Using the trial periodGitHub allows us to try Copilot completely free of charge during a 30-day trial period, to check if it really is what we are looking for and confirm that we want to continue paying for the subscription.

Outside of those three options, there is no other way to use this AI without having to pay. Although it is true that there are many alternatives, such as ChatGPT, which with GPT-4 has greatly improved the code generated when programming, or Bing Chatwhich also uses algorithms similar to those of Copilot and can help us program in a very simple and precise way.

However, if we are professionally dedicated to working in the programming sector, perhaps paying for this tool that we have mentioned will be very profitable, since we will recoup its use in a short time.

Other AI to program without paying a single euro

In addition to GitHub Copilot, there are also many other AIs that can help us improve our code and resolve doubts that we may encounter while programming. Let’s take a look at some of the most interesting ones we have today, all of them totally free for all users (no strings attached).

We must bear in mind that the different platforms and applications focused on artificial intelligence have not stopped growing in recent times. And when we talk about growth, we refer both to the number of options available and to their potential and modes of use.

Softr Studio

The first of the options we are going to see is Softr Studio, a solution for professionals that also allows us to design our own applications, both at a personal level and if we have a small business or an SME. Thanks to its mode of operation, we will have the possibility of developing our own projects in a quick and simple way thanks to the AI ‚Äč‚Äčthat this platform offers us by default.

Perhaps one of the most striking and representative aspects of using this solution is that we have the possibility of using modules to obtain the final result we are looking for. This allows us to generate content based on Artificial Intelligence both in the form of new applications and even generative images. We will also be able to meet the needs of our clients and generate automatic content depending on the needs of each case.

In addition, this is a very suitable proposal for those who do not have much knowledge in this sector of software focused on programming and content creation. It tries to make these tasks as easy as possible for us thanks to its AI.


Of course, we can’t forget either ChatGPT, another of the best-known Artificial Intelligences that can help us program. Although there are many extensions that allow us to use them in programs such as Visual Studio CodeThe quickest and easiest way is to use it directly from the chat itself. You just have to tell it what you want to do, or give it a code, and it will process it and return the code, or at least an approximation of what you want to do.

One of the most widespread sectors at the moment related to the development and programmingthis is about that which is related to web design. Today there is no need to explain the reasons for all this and why many users try to specialize in this section of software development. Well, at this moment we are in the midst of the growth of the different Artificial Intelligence platforms, and there could not be missing alternatives focused on this specific mode of operation.


A clear example of all this can be found in the platform called STUDIO AI, which you can access directly from this link. Here we find a tool that will be of enormous help to us in web design in this intelligent era. Among its main features we can highlight that it is capable of understanding what we are designing.

Furthermore, thanks to its machine learning, it will evolve based on the comments to improve the design of our project. All of this to make the website grow, but on which we work with minimal effort.


It should be noted that the different platforms that are now appearing focused on AI for programming and developing applications are, in many cases, especially interesting for novice users. It is true that professionals in the sector can also take advantage of all the benefits of AI. artificial intelligencebut those who are just starting out will surely appreciate it even more.

This is the case we are going to talk about now with the platform called GitFluence. Basically, it is an intelligence that is responsible for providing us with help to use the programming command most appropriate in each case. As a prompt we only have to specify the situation or problem we have in the development so that the platform itself offers us the best solution in the form of a command.

It is also worth knowing that we do not have to install anything here, as it is a web application that we can access directly from this link. From there we find the corresponding text box where we can establish the doubts and problems that we encounter when programming at that moment.

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