Top 8 apps and websites to create images using AI

Top 8 apps and websites to create images using AI

Let your imagination run wild with these apps and websites, you can generate your own images using AI!

Top 8 apps and websites to create images using AI
These tools allow you to create amazing images through text.

Have you not yet entered the world of artificial intelligence that can generate images from text? Well You should take advantage of the rise of these tools and give a chance to the different applications and websites that offer this service, Some of them are free and work on both mobile devices and computers!

So you don’t waste your time on the Internet looking for them, Here we are going to show you 4 apps and 4 websites that will allow you to create images using AI. for free, easily and in a matter of seconds.

  • These are the best apps and websites to generate images using artificial intelligence

These are the best apps and websites to generate images using artificial intelligence

To put things in order, the first four options refer to The best apps to generate photographs using AI on Android and iOS. The other four options are websites from which you will also be able to create your own images using AI.

Of course, it is important to clarify that both with the apps and with the websites in question, You will need to be connected to the Internet without interruption.since these types of creations are carried out on the servers that use the respective tools.

WOMBO Dream (App)

WOMBO Dream app

It is one of the easiest apps out there to create photos using AI.

Considered one of the best applications for creating images using AIWombo Dream has everything you need to be able to generate photographs using words.

Very easy to use, this application, Available for both Android and iOShas a completely free section from which you will be able to create images with practically no limitations.

Likewise, you will be able to access many more tools if you purchase one of their paid plans. Likewise, the functions offered by their free plan are more than enough to generate images using AI.

Google Play Store | WOMBO Dream

AI Art Generator (App)

AI Art Generator

It is an extremely useful tool for creating artistic images.

If what you are looking for is a application that allows you to create impressive works of artyou should give AI Art Generator a try. Using words to describe the image you want to create, the AI ​​behind this tool will offer you different types of results based on what you’ve asked.

Unlike the rest of the options that we show you here, as well as those that you can find within the Google Play Store or App Store, This app can only generate artistic images, What does this mean? That it cannot generate realistic images.

Google Play Store | AI Art Generator

Dreamerland (App)

Dreamerland app

It is the best app to generate anime style images.

Using one of the best AI generation tools out there today, Midjourney, this app allows anyone to “let your imagination fly” without the need to be an expert in the subject.

If you are a digital artist, designer or just looking for an app to create works of art in your free time, Dreamerland is without a doubt the tool you should have on your mobile device.

It is worth mentioning that its interface is one of the most intuitive we have seen so far, so Using this tool is extremely simple.

Google Play Store | Dreamerland

Starryai (App)

Starryai app

You can share your creations on Instagram, Facebook and other social networks.

Being the most app “basic” Of all the list, Starryai is ideal for those people who want Generate images using AI in a simple way and with immediate results.

Offering over 1000 styles, as well as allowing you to use custom prompts, this tool connects directly to ChatGPT, what does this mean? You will have the possibility to connect this app with your OpenAI account (you can use this AI to generate prompts and migrate them to Starryai).

Google Play Store | Starryai

DALL-E 2 (Website)

DALLE E 2 website

You can only generate a limited number of images.

When we talk about the origins of AI imaging, we cannot fail to mention DALL-E. This has been one of the image-generating AI systems that started this new wave of services digital.

Likewise, it is also one of the best known, not only for being one of the first, but for deliver practically impressive resultsDeveloped by OpenAI, a company that is also known for having created ChatGPT, it is one of the few websites to create images using artificial intelligence that It is free to access (in its most basic version).

Website | DALLE-E 2

Midjourney (Website)

Midjourney website

You must have a Discord account to use this AI.

Being the direct competition with the service offered by OpenAIMidjourney is the other major AI imaging system that has managed to become one of the most widely used.

While it works through Discord, Using it is extremely simpleas long as all the necessary steps are followed to be able to access the “Bot” that allows you to create images through text.

However, it is necessary to clarify that Midjourney is free to use until the first 25 image requests are reached. In short, when the AI ​​has generated those 25 images that you have requested, you will have to pay a monthly subscription.

Website | Midjourney

Stable Diffusion (Website)

Stable Diffusion website

It is one of the best alternatives to Midjourney.

If you like results similar to those offered by Midjourneybut you’re not interested in purchasing a paid plan to be able to generate images using AI, you should give Stable Diffusion a try.

Considered one of the best alternatives to Midjourney, this open source AI allows you to allows you to create images from text in a simple, fast and free wayLikewise, you will not need to perform complicated steps to be able to create one, or use Discord to be able to make use of this useful artificial intelligence.

Website | Stable Diffusion

Shutterstock (Website)

Shutterstock AI website

Free and easy to use, you just need to create an account to generate images.

The popular stock photo portal has teamed up with OpenAI to create an interesting image generator using AI which you should give a chance.

Offering different types of styles, as well as an extremely easy-to-use interface, Shutterstock is free to useas long as the monthly quota imposed on all its users is not exceeded.

It should be added that you will need to register to be able to access the AI ​​that generates images through text. On the other hand, this tool has the advantage of offering a kind of “license of creations”which It will allow you to be the sole owner of those photographs you generate.

Website | Shutterstock

Without anything else to add, we recommend that you browse the App Store or Play Store (depending on the operating system of your mobile) and look for other apps to create images with AI. There are many more alternatives that you should take a look at!

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